I'm the only child of a singer-songwriter-actress, and a playboy, born in Detroit, raised in Naples, and at home in Los Angeles.

As a child, my favorite "toys" were a stack of paper, scores of crayons, and liquid paper for painting. I grew up watching Mom on television, and staying up late with her, watching movies. We watched all kinds of movies, and if there was a casualty on screen, she would say to me, "Don't worry about that dead guy, he's perfectly fine and at home with his family in Burbank." I didn't even know where Burbank was, but I knew it was part of a mythical place where she worked, and about which I was endlessly fascinated.

In college, I wanted to study everything, and if I hadn't been required to declare a major and graduate (or be asked to leave), I'd probably still be there taking classes in Norse Mythology, Yoruba, and anything else I was curious about.

I had a moment in front of the camera, in Tony Richardson's Blue Sky, where I danced with Jessica Lange, and she told me dirty jokes between takes. When I got to L.A., I discovered that there are lots of ways to be in the entertainment industry without being an actor.

I'm still that little kid with paper and crayons and pens, and my passion for Hollywood has been constant. Some of the ways in which it has manifested in my life are here on these pages.

Thank you for sharing your time with me.