So Far from Home

Casualties of war fight to the bitter end.
A nightmare clad in army green.
Clouds above.
So far from home.
A distant place we've never known, 'til now.
Distant faces rarely shown, 'til now.
And now we know the name
for a land grown dark with cloudy hate,
And the name of a people uncertain of their fate.
Can life ever be the same
So far from home?
A people brave and true,
not unlike me and you,
So far from home.
From place to place we're tossed,
and familiar faces lost,
So far from home.
But if we look to brighter days,
A better world in many ways,
We find the strength to believe, to fight,
And in our hearts we know we're right,
We know we're not
So far from home.
I look forward to a world
Where the little boys and girls
Will never know what it feels like to be
So far from home.

PoetryBronson Page