You Don't Know Your Strength

You don't know the strength of your gaze
As you wrap your prey in a lustful haze,
And you don't know the strength of your soul
'Cause you're too afraid to lose control,
Even when you've got someone to make you feel whole.
No, no, you don't know your strength,
And still you're pumping iron to set yourself free.

Achilles had a heel they say,
That made him fall that fateful day,
The day that brought him crashing down,
And cost him pride and a jeweled crown.
Achilles strong, but mortal,
still you won't trust the force of your will.
It's the power that's sure to set you free,
it's the lack of it that lost you me.

The saddest thing to envision here
Is the man who loses love to fear.
It's for his strength that I will pray,
And wonder if he'll find it one day,
But until that time, he'll run any distance,
Just to keep up his futile resistance.

No, you don't know.
No, you don't know.
No, you don't know.
Don't know your own strength,

PoetryBronson Page