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Looney Tunes

Looney Tunes Golden Collection

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Looney Tunes Super Stars

The Challenge: Make classic animation feel fresh with only style guide art. The Solution: We took an irreverent approach to these titles that befitted the franchise. Using classic character art and the water tower studio cue, we branded this series for fans both new and familiar.

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Looney Tunes Spotlight Collection


WB Academy Awards Animation Collection
Winners, Nominees, Winners & Nominees

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The Flintstones

Complete Series Set

Complete Series Set

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Scooby-Doo Complete Series Box

Scooby-Doo Complete Series Box

The Challenge: To delight and win Scooby-Doo fans with a fresh take on a well-established franchise that plays well in social media, and is scalable for different platforms.

The Solution: I hired a budding visionary music and video artist, Pogo, to create a dubstep mix, composed from sound bites and footage from a dozen episodes. We got this done in about three weeks, and we were thrilled with the result. His unique videos get millions of views and he's done work for most of the major studios.


Original composition and video remix of Scooby-Doo by Pogo.

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Standardized DVD menu to reduce costs

Standardized DVD menu to reduce costs

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Steven Spielberg Presents



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Pinky And The Brain

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The Smurfs

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